Latest Chinavasion Electronics: ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock, 17.3 Inch DVD Player & more


Latest Chinavasion Electronics

You will be glued to your screens after knowing about the new listings on our website. These include the safe and secure ‘ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock’ with lot of other items. So no more waiting, keep reading for detailed information below!

ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock: This biometric passcode door lock has been designed for unsurpassed security, style and ease of use. With a reversible handle it’s suitable for left or right facing doors and is designed to fit all standard doors as it’s adjustable for door thicknesses from 1 and 5/32 inches (30mm) to 2 and 3/8 inches (60mm). This convenient door lock solution can be programmed with up to 99 different finger prints and allows for fast easy enrty with just one touch. There is an optical sensor that provides the lock with an auto wakeup feature so you only need to place your finger on the biometric scanner for it to automatically scan you finger. If the batteries are depleted the lock won’t forget any of the fingerprints and you can provide interim power to the lock by simply pushing a 9V battery against the two terminals under the lock, this will then allow you to unlock the door with a valid fingerprint or pass code.

17.3 Inch DVD Player: A 1366 x1280 resolution brings images to life with rich detail and vibrant colors for high quality viewing of films and pictures. This portable DVD player has a built in SD card reader and can be used with USB memory pens as well as all manner of CDs and DVDs so there are plenty of viewing options and storage solutions for your films. The region free DVD player isn’t restricted to disc regions so is suitable for discs from around the globe. The stereo speakers will bring crisp sound to go along with the video so you get that cinematic feeling and can share your favorite music or plug in a set of headphones for your own personal concert. A built in rechargeable 1200mAh battery let you enjoy the fun for 1.5 hours when on the go but you can easily use the car charger to enjoy endless playback. Thanks to the anti-shock function you can enjoy the video without interruption.

Geega S401 Blutooth 4.1 Sports Earbuds: Using the latest Bluetooth technology these sports earbuds from Geega support all the latest function such as Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Headset Free Profiles bringing remote control on your headphones letting you easily answer calls or switch tracks without having to dig your phone out for your pocket. With a sweat and splash proof design these earbuds are suited to your workout and will help you get into the zone and as you exercise to a healthier body. These sports earphones come with interchangeable fittings so are should fit anyone perfectly and the ear hooks will keep them securely in place as you exercise. With a 70mAh built in battery the Geega S401 earphones can keep going for up to 4.5 hours, so even if your intent on running a marathon they can still keep pace with your workout.

HD 1080p Trail Camera “Camo Cam”: The “Camo Cam” is a stunning 1080p HD wildlife trail camera, it can record high definition video and photos over days or even weeks.  If you enable the wide angled 120 degree PIR sensor the camera can easily detect movement up to 20 meters away, brings great results even on dark nights. With a 0.6 second trigger time it can quickly snap a shot once the target has entered the detection zone. It has a 108 degree field of view ensuring the full scene is captured while the 1/3 inch CMOS and f/2.0 allows for some stunning shots for quality results. The is a real time saver for serious hunters and conservationists as it will bring a detailed overview of an animal’s stomping ground, it can also aid film makers and wildlife management by showing a sample of the ecosystem in a given area from which you can determine the health of the environment.

2- in 1 Qi Wireless Charger and BT Speaker: This Qi wireless charger and speaker is specifically designed to be recessed into a 60mm computer desk cable hole. It allows wires and cables to pass through safely and neatly so you can still keep everything nice and tidy on your desktop but at the same time incorporate Qi wireless charging functions. This 2-in-1 multi functional device has a built in speaker that uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This allows you to sync your phone or music player directly with the Qi charger and play music from up to 10 meters away. Built in hands free functions let you answer calls through the speaker so you can answer calls without having to leave off your current task.

iNew U3 4.5 Inch Smartphone: The iNew U3 brings together great 4G connectivity the latest Lollipop OS compact 4.5 inch design and a Quad Core CPU. The 64 Bit Quad Core CPU uses 28 nano technologies for a low powered and efficient design, it comprises of an ARM Mali 720 GPU and with 1GB of RAM the iNew U3 has a wonderful performance. With a 854 x 480 resolution the 4.5 inch display offers a great view. When combined with the smart wake features you can enjoy easy one handed operations so it’s great for those that love multitasking and are constantly busy when on the go. Dual SIM card slots with support for 4G connectivity allow you to master to numbers at once with this smartphone. This will allow up to 7 hours of usage time or close to a full week in standby, great for those business trips or long weekends away.

Latest Chinavasion Electronics: ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock, 17.3 Inch DVD Player & more
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