It’s common to see online hotel searches with an option to sort by guest ratings. However, Booking takes this feature a step further by sorting reviews based on different kinds of guests. Different people will want different things from a hotel, and this obviously effects their reviews later. This unique option lets you search for the best-reviewed hotels from travelers in similar situations. You can find reviews from solo travelers, couples, groups of friends and business people.


When viewing a hotel profile, the large high-resolution images flip through as an automatic slideshow. Booking manages to pad the large images with the most important information at the top of the page. Below the images, you can find a short hotel description that discusses amenities and the hotel’s location. There are also property highlights to the side that show bed size, popular facilities and nearby points of interest. When distance is important, you can check the expandable discreet map on the side of the hotel profile to see where in the city the hotel stands.


Once you’ve completed your reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation email from This is a standard practice for hotel booking websites, but makes it easy to resend a confirmation email incase the original is lost or accidentally deleted. The help section on this site makes it clear that tasks like changing dates and editing guest or card details are easy. This is an appealing feature because you may find yourself charged for any of these tasks on other sites. Other than live chat, has all the preferred methods of support, and help is available in 40 different languages.


Summary finds a way to sandwich sorting and filtering features in a couple different areas, including its price-sorting feature. While this allows you to find the lowest price for rooms that fit your needs with fewer clicks, its interface is initially confusing. Review
9.9Overall Score

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