The company’s Best Price Guarantee policy also has conditions. It states that you’ll get a full refund if you find a lower price for the same hotel. This lower price must include taxes, fees, and be available to the public with the same currency and form of payment. In addition, it has to match to the itinerary booked on Priceline with a comparable cancellation policy. These rates only apply to general public prices, so you can’t apply to military, corporate, student, child, senior, group or organization discount prices. You can apply this deal up to the midnight before you leave on your trip for hotels, flights, cruises and rental cars.


When searching for a hotel, you have several methods of filtering and organizing the hotel results on Priceline. Many of these features help you pinpoint the exact area you want to stay to avoid any cross-town rushes during your vacation. You can view results in a list or on a map, and search by address or hotel area. Priceline is one of the few hotel booking searches that allows you to type in a specific address. In addition, you can search for hotels near airports, golf courses, universities, parks and monuments, or other landmarks. If location isn’t an issue, you can also look for hotels based on star ratings and amenities or set a price range to eliminate hotels out of your budget. Search result organization includes most popular, lowest price, review score, hotel name and nearness to a specific address.

51492-priceline.com17 follows suit with its hotel details page and covers the most essential information at the top. Here you can find guest reviews and ratings, hotel policies, and room availability. You can also see other hotels nearby, their star ratings and nightly rates.

Upon checking out, the page displays a summary of charges and prompts you for standard billing and credit card information. Be sure to read the Booking Information at the bottom of the reservation section. This short text outlines hotel policies like cancellation, late check in and pet policies. Reading this section can potentially save you hundreds of dollars if you have to cancel or change your plans. Sorry, spring breakers, but Priceline is the only hotel booking site that requires customers to be 21 or older to reserve a hotel room.



If you’re over 21 and have no special requests or preferences for your hotel, can help you score a deal with the Name Your Own Price or Best Price Guarantee features. However, these policies have conditions that may be a hassle later. For example, you won’t know you’ve booked a room until the hotel accepts your bid. If you choose to search through Priceline without these tools, you can still find plenty of hotels worldwide. may have stipulations, but they aren’t sneaky about these conditions. You just have to read the fine print. Review
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