Before buying Dragon Naturally Speaking,I’ve read many mixed reviews on this that I wasn’t sure if I’d like this software.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the very best dictation program on the market. I type all day long, so I needed a solution in place. This got much better reviews than the Mac version, so I am running it on my Mac via a virtual machine (VM Ware). I also got the book “How To Train Your Dragon For Writers” which I think can apply to anyone as long as they have patience. The book explained how to set up the software properly and what not to do. I’m making so much progress with Dragon! It does make mistakes, but I make corrections and it’s getting smarter! Very pleased.

In the past few years, I’ve been playing with dictation programs. Early versions of Dragon were cannibalized by Microsoft and became part of their early voice recognition programs. While Microsoft, Google and others went one way Dragon continue to develop dictation by voice recognition to a level that is now, as I dictate this review, almost 100% accurate.

Zero problems with installation. Zero problems anywhere. It works perfectly. The quality of the voice recognition is stunningly better than the free app I’d been using, based on Google’s voice recognition. I was afraid it would be difficult to train myself to speak the words instead of type them. Within a couple hours, I’m more proficient getting text on the page with Dragon than I am typing. That’s with good typing skills. You say a thought and in the blink of an eye, it’s on the page. There are small things the system doesn’t get right. I have some characters with Russian names. Had to add them to Dragon’s vocabulary. And it doesn’t get the right to, two, or too very often. But the pickup in speed is breathtaking, and my daily output is far greater. Can’t wait to actually get proficient with the software.

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