What is Creative Tim?

Creative Tim is a web development company that specializes in crafting Bootstrap themes and templates. The site has acquired over 1,534,730 user accounts over 2,811,110 downloads.

Creative Tim was founded in April 2014 and is based in Romania. It has over 25 Bootstrap templates and themes, many of which have been featured in such publications as Awwwards, Creative Bloq and Hacker News.

Its web development team is headed by co-founder and designer Alex Paduraru, web developer Beniamin Marcu, co-founder and developer Cristina Conacel, and marketing strategist Diana Caliman.

Key Features of Creative Tim

Creative Tim has over 25 free and premium Bootstrap themes and templates in stock with a number of different premium features.

Admin Templates

Creative Tim offers four free and premium admin templates with more on the way. Notable products include Paper dashboard and Paper Dashboard Pro as well as Light Bootstrap Dashboard and Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro.

Paper Dashboard Pro, for instance, is a premium admin template that lets you organize data and analytics. It comes with 160 handcrafted components and 15 custom plugins.

UI Kits

Creative Tim offers a handful of free and premium UI kits. These include free and premium versions of kits called Material, Paper and Get Sh*t Done.

Material Kit was inspired by Google’s material design. The premium version has over 1,000 handcrafted components and 7 custom plugins.

Templates & Themes

Creative Tim also offers a number of different templates and themes, as stated before. These include multi-page themes, one-page templates and landing pages.

This includes Gaia Pro, a beautiful, multi-page template. Gaia Pro has 60 handcrafted components and 3 custom plugins.

Other Templates

Admin templates, UI kits and themes are Creative Tim’s main claims to fame, but it also develops plugins, components and snippets. These include wizard plugins and snippets for room-booking and profile-creation forms, a calendar snippet, and a login/registration snippet.

It also includes random UI components, such as cards, navigation bars and data tables.

Multiple Licenses

Creative Tim offers three license types to suit your needs:

  • Personal License
  • Developer License
  • Extended License

A product purchased with a personal license is royalty free and able to be modified but can only be used for personal projects. You can, however, use it on a one-time basis for a single client, and no attribution is required.

A product purchased with a developer license has the same allowances as a product purchased with a personal license. However, a product purchased with a developer license can be used in multiple commercial projects for multiple clients.

An extended license grants the right to license, sublicense, redistribute or resell parts of a product.

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Creative Tim is a wonderful source for free and premium Bootstrap templates. The team works hard to ensure every product is well designed, well developed and ready to use as soon as you download it.

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