The Great Elizabeth Arden Makeup

To be beautiful will be a hard job when you do it in raw condition. For making you beautiful in easy way, you can have makeup for adding more tone and beauty that exist in your appearance. Talking about makeup ...

How to Choose Best Designers Leather Handbags

Some elements and considerations you have to notice before bargaining designers leather handbags. This is essential so you can get the best leather handbag designs. additionally, this is not only the quality of...

Elastic Belts for Women for Great Shape

Belts are one of the important things to make your outfit looks elegant and special. There are many types of belts that you can choose according to the shape of your body. Elastic belts for women are great choi...

7 Best Chain Belts for Women for Special Outfit

Chain belts for women are one of the important additions to your special outfit. Besides that chain belts for women will make your hips look thin and the shape of your body will be seen. There are many types of...

Antique and Vintage Jewelry Boxes

  Jewelry boxes were once like treasure chests for the royalty, priests, and aristocrats who could afford to own valuables worth being stowed away. But as fine jewelry became more affordable during ...

Opal Jewelry

  Precious opal may seem to contain every color in the rainbow, depending on which angle you look at it. This color-changing phenomenon, known as iridescence or color play, has captivated imaginatio...

Sapphire Jewelry

  Sapphires are cut from an extremely hard mineral called corundum, which is also the source of an even rarer gem, the ruby. Used in everything from necklaces to bracelets to rings, sapphires get th...

Rubies, Blood-Red Beauty

  TUCSON — Alfred Jiang, a young Chinese entrepreneur, clutched a gemological report as he made the rounds of this city’s convention center during the gem shows last month. The report, issued by ...


Newfoundland is an exhibition of work by contemporary jeweller Romilly Saumarez Smith and artist Verdi Yahooda. Each of the 70+ pieces in the exhibition are unique and have at their core Roman, Anglo-Saxon ...