Is GearBest a Legit, Reliable and Safe Site to Buy From?

Yes, Overall, GearBest, the best-known brand of Globalegrow that started in China is a legit and real website. carries all types of popular gadgets and electronics to mens and womens apparel.

What Is the Gearbest?

Gearbest is an online shopping store that deals with electronics reseller from China. It is direct from manufacturer electronic commerce website where you can buy cheap and high-quality gear from China or Asia. In the last few years, this site has become more popular, and it is currently expanding to other categories. Gearbest is a safe and reliable site to buy from for your business. In this article, we have guided you through to the Gearbest review, and it contains all that you need to know about the Gearbest website. 

What Is the Core Strength of Gearbest?

The main difference of Gearbest from other similar sites is that this site is hyper-focused on technology and gadgets. Their items come with solid technical support and repair warranties in case you experience any issue. Also, every item comes with forty-five-day money back guarantee, and therefore you are assured of the peace of mind with every item you purchase for your business from Gearbest.

Gearbest Review: Is Gearbest Good or Not?

1. Shipping Options

At Gearbest, you have the option of choosing from standard and express shipping. Express shipping offers tracking option while the standard shipping does not offer tracking option. They may also offer you free shipping on some selected items or for purchases beyond a specified amount. Standard shipping takes between seven and twenty-one days to get products for your business delivered while express shipping takes about three days for the products to arrive. This is the major advantage of purchasing products for your business from Gearbest because it takes less time to get your products and you can easily re-stock your business store with less strain.

2. Shipping Methods

The main shipping methods offered by Gearbest are registered, unregistered, expedited and priority shipping methods.  The registered and unregistered shipping methods take 15 – 30 working days, Expedited shipping method takes 3 – 7 working days while the priority line takes 7 – 12 working days to get the products delivered to your business store.

3. Shipping Cost

To some extent, Gearbest will offer you free shipping cost. Among the shipping mentioned above methods, only the unregistered air mail shipping method is free. In addition to that free shipping is only available to a limited number of countries and only a few selected products are shipped free of charge. Therefore not everybody will benefit from the free shipping of products.

Currently, they are offering free shipping for purchases and orders with addresses located in Canada, USA, Mexico, united kingdom, Brazil Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Japan, Israel, and Ukraine.

In other methods, shipping will attract a small fee. For instance, in the registered shipping method, you will be charged $1.96 for a product that weighs 0.14 kilograms, $0.43 in the priority method and $ 35.83 when you opt for the expedited shipping method. In these three shipping methods, you will also be charged $ 1.66 as a shipping insurance fee.

● Exemptions for Free Shipping

To qualify for free shipping, your order size must meet the weight and size condition as stipulated in the Gearbest website. If your order is overweight, it will not qualify for the free shipping service. Your order will be shipped using either the expedited or the standard shipping methods. And in such cases, your order will attract additional shipping charges.

4. Gearbest Wallet

Gearbest wallet is a secure and fast payment method that is designed to assist you in staying up to date with your account transactions effortlessly. In other words, it is a Gearbest’s version of store credit. Similar to any other common forms of store credit, the Gearbest wallet can be used to buy Gearbest items.

Gearbest wallet will enable you to benefit in some ways. For instance, the Gearbest wallet is a convenient and safe way to store digital currency on Gearbest. It is simple to use because it has a user interface that is easy to learn. You are also given free Gearbest points which can be used to reduce the amount of your next purchase.

5. Return Policy

Gear best is known to offer a complete end to end shopping experience. The key to this is return and warranty policies. Purchasing products for your business from Gearbest is a 100 percent risk-free. While the policy may look a bit complicated, but it is always a straight forward experience. It is designed to provide clarification to clients and the gearbest with simplified processes.

Their warranty policy comprises of the following comprehensive elements providing you with full protection.

● They offer you with seven Day Dead on arrival guarantee. Product refunds are available for products that arrive without functioning or which are damaged.

● Thirty-day Unconditional return Guarantee. This is a case where unused or unopened products are returned for a refund.

● Forty-five-day money back guarantee. This applies when you receive a faulty item. The item is returned for a refund or exchange.

● One year repair warranty. This is a default warranty period for items sold in one year.

To ensure their extended warranty is used correctly, a limited number of warranty exemptions exist. Such exemptions may include wear and tear, damaging the items, and any other condition that may render the warranty void. Their policy states that, unless the client deliberately damages the items, their warranty can remedy and compensate the client for the damaged products.

There are special item warranties that cover specific categories of products such as phone accessories, home décor among other products. Different conditions will apply for different items, and it is always good you familiarize yourself with such policies.

If you want to return any product to Gearbest, the first thing you need to know is that the process of returning the products will require prior authorization. This is aimed to protect the client and the Gearbest. This implies that you will have first to contact Gearbest’s customer support to obtain a return merchandise authorization number.

6. Customer Support

Gearbest has experienced customer support team. This team of individuals is helpful, reliable and flexible and this gives you confidence when purchasing products for your business from Gearbest. Generally, should you ever want to inquire about any information such as policies, warranty, or any general issue, their support team is ready to help. As professional trained support individuals, they are generally the first center of contact answering all your queries, guiding you through and providing necessary advice.

7. Interface Design

The main goal of the user interface is to produce a user interface that makes it efficient, user-friendly and easy to operate a certain software in a way that produces the desired results.

Good interface design should be clear. This is the quality that a user interface should have. Gearbest interface design is clear to allow users to have a good experience.

Their interface design is concise. Apart from being clear, it is also concise. This will allow you to have an easy time when you are shopping items for your business store.

8. Warehouse

Gearbest has several warehouses that are located in major cities and towns around the world. This allow  you to access their products at ease easily. You can outsource products from one of these warehouses that is near you. Ordering from the nearest Gearbest warehouse ensures that you save money and time, this implies that you will have a reasonable profit margin after selling those products in your store.

Some of their warehouses are located in Australia, China, Germany, turkey, united kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Italy Japan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and the united states of America.

9. Product Diversity

Gearbest is known all over the world in supplying various products. Whether your business deals with clothing items, electronics, umbrellas, flowers among other items, gearbest is your solution. They will supply your business store some of the common items sold in the world at a reasonable price. This translates to making huge profits at your business store after selling the products.

10. Products Quality

Gearbest’s products are of the highest quality. They outsource their items directly from the manufacturers, and therefore you are guaranteed of good qualities. Unlike other online stores that deal with an agent to supply their items, Gearbest does not use an agent, and therefore the quality is not compromised. Outsourcing good quality products for your business will mean that you will end up making reasonable profits. It will also help you to retain customers while still attracting new ones.

11. The Hassle of Signing up

To purchase products for your business from Gearbest, you need to create an account. Most of the Gearbest shoppers have reported being unhappy with this issue. This is because it takes time for the account to be approved and to start using it.

12. Grey Market Items

Buying grey market has a level of risk being involved. You may get a deal on a cheap item that will not fade in several weeks. While many people have a grey market shopping experience, but some horror stories are also out there. The decision falls on the client whether they will take the risky leap of purchasing from the grey market.

13. Shipping Speed

Shipping speed in one of the weaknesses of Gearbest shopping site as products is coming all the way from China. In some instances, you will be forced to wait for quite a long period before your order is delivered. 

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