There’s been a slew of cameras purporting to be waterproof and shockproof over the last few years. They can be great if you’re into outdoor or extreme sports as you’ll almost certainly want to keep a visual record of your escapades. It’s not just the extreme sports fans who want rugged and waterproof cameras. Many people just want to have a camera that takes good pics but won’t be phased by sandy beaches or the odd rain shower. Being able to go snorkelling with and take your camera with you is an added bonus.

Regular compact cameras don’t hold up too well when they’re dunked, dropped and frozen, but is the added expense of going for a waterproof model worth it, especially if you’re sacrificing picture quality too? With that in mind we’ve rounded up some of the best waterproof, shockproof and generally bombproof ‘tough compact’ cameras currently on the market, all of which have spent time on the TrustedReviews test bench (and bath and freezer). From basic budget options to all-singing, all-dancing premium models, there’s a waterproof camera here to fit everyone’s needs.

Best Waterproof Cameras
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