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Create PDF files with the world’s most popular free PDF creator. With just one click, turn virtually any kind of file into a 100% industry-standard PDF


I have tested a number of top PDF converters (check the list) and one thing that has always endeared me to any is the user interface. For this, I have always had a general rule of thumb: simple is a good, but simplistic is way too far off the edge. Nitro Professional PDF converter is a full stack converter that offers a simple and easy to use interface while being embedded with robust features for premium delivery.

When starting out to review Nitro Pro, I took my time to examine all the steps involved in the process (from download to installation and eventual use) just like I did for the other reviews. The reason for this is that ease-of-use is a major contributing factor I consider when ranking the best PDF to doc converter.


Nitro PDF  Downsid

Through it all, I had a good time testing out the Nitro Pro PDF, but I should not forget to alert you that it only works with Windows operating system. For now, there is no support for Mac and iOS devices, so those of you who are Mac users cannot benefit from all the goodies that Nitro Pro delivers.

Beside this, I also noticed that when I uploaded PDF files that are formatted on the latest versions of Adobe, I encountered a little bit of issue getting those files to open. Matter-of-fact, all the files that were formatted with the latest Adobe that I tried did not open at all. So this led me to conclude that Adobe and Nitro Pro seem not to mix well, something like oil and water.

Aside from these shortcomings that I have experienced while test-using the Nitro PDF, I haven’t recorded any other issues whether related to use or operation. Feel free to drop your opinions and experience in the comments section so that we can all get to benefit from a robust pool of experience on Nitro Pro PDF.

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