When I was around 8 months pregnant with our twins, my mom gave my husband Dean the Baby Bullet® for his birthday. Dean has a green thumb and we always have a plentiful vegetable / herb garden thanks to his botanical know-how.  I recall reading somewhere in that little Baby Bullet® manual that a store bought jar of baby food has a shelf life of three years, THREE YEARS!  Right then and there we vowed to make all of our kid’s purees when the time came to introduce solid foods.

Fast forward 6 months.  I have my girl / boy twins, one in front of the other in my limousine of a double stroller.  I’m trying to stuff as many groceries into the basket beneath without a) breaking anything, b) spilling my coffee and c) looking like a shoplifter, all the while trying to do so at warp speed so that the babies won’t “sleep on the go” and spoil their afternoon nap.

It was around this time that I found myself in the baby food aisle, trying to decide which jar of colorless muck had the least dust on top.  Hey, if Ann Turner Cook (the original Gerber baby) is still kicking it at 87 this stuff couldn’t be all that bad…right?

While I do like to try and make my baby food, the reality is that I can’t (and don’t) do it all the time.  Sometimes the veggies that I want to combine aren’t in season, organics in our small town are hard to come by (and cost an arm and a leg), and most of the time life just gets in the way.  I would rather be taking my twins to a music class, checking out the local book tree or just playing with them, over being “Chef Mom” mixing, bottling and freezing in the kitchen.

So, for those times that I can’t whip up a quick blend, I want a baby food that is economical and most important, healthy.  Enter Love Child Organics.

Love Child Organics is a Canadian made baby food that is made with 100 % organic / all natural ingredients.  Started by a savvy new mom and food enthusiast, each product is absolutely void of refined sugars, additives, preservatives, fillers and gluten and even contains “super foods” such as quinoa and acerola fruit!


The eye catching packaging is BPA free and boasts a reseal able twist top, perfect for halving portions or letting a toddler snack on the go. The purees come in four “starter” flavors such as peach, apple, mango, pear and then move on to more exciting blends such as sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and blueberries( for the more refined palate).

This is the flavor that I sampled with my twins Jon and Charli.  Yep, that’s right, I tried it too – and the verdict?  Delicious! The babies thoroughly enjoyed it, and as a mom it always makes you happy if your little one is happy, especially when it comes to mealtime. Here’s a picture of my son Jonathan enjoying his Love Child Organics.

I love the fact that Love Child Organics offers the blends. You know your baby (ies) are getting just that much more nutritional content over that plain old jar of “just” corn or peas.  I am definitely a convert!

Love Child Organics sells for approximately $1.99 / 128 ml serving or pouch.  Another feature that I was pleased to learn is that this company donates one cent of every pouch sold to a Canadian children’s charity.  To purchase Love Child Organics you can find stores here or you can buy online too!

Love Child Organic Baby Food Review
4.9Overall Score

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