MAM Bite & Brush Teether Review

For us, teething is at its worst at the moment, at 15 months. It’s been really intense for ages now without more teeth showing up so I’m suspecting there are quite a few on the way. Whenever my daughter is teething she usually decides that brushing her existing five teeth is horrible and makes it really difficult for me to do it. That’s why I was particularly interested in trying the MAM Bite & Brush teether at this point. It’s like a teether and toothbrush in one. It doesn’t take away the need for proper brushing but it definitely helps keep baby teeth clean.



The bite bit has soft bristles on both sides that help clean the teeth at the top and the bottom while your baby chews. They also massage your baby’s sore gums, offering some much needed relief. The teether as a whole is lightweight and ring shaped, making it very easy for small hands to hold. The handle is textured differently on the two sides, giving your baby a choice of how to chew and also ensuring a good grip. The chewing is also great exercise for the oral muscles.


Another amazing use for the Bite & Brush teether is to use it to apply teething gels to your child’s gums. Since the bite bit is perfectly shaped to go along your child’s teeth and gums it’s an ideal solution that is much easier than getting a finger in and more efficient than putting the gel on a dummy since it reaches all the right places. The bristles are really good at holding the gel in place, too. This is the best way to do it that I’ve found. My daughter doesn’t mind at all she actually likes it  and I know that the gel gets applied evenly and in the right places.

The teether costs around £4.99 and is available from, for example. It also comes in Blue and Green.

We were sent this teether for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

MAM Bite & Brush Teether Review
4.8Overall Score

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