#1 Best seller at builtbar.com

An absolute favorite, the soft, fluffy center of our Coconut bar boasts the perfect balance of texture, flavor, and nutrition. Not too sweet, with just the right amount of coconut, and covered in 100% real dark chocolate. What’s not to love? This is protein done right. 

#2 Best seller at builtbar.com

The Double Chocolate bar is truly a dream come true for all of us chocolate lovers! Holler! It boasts a perfect balance of chocolate, texture, flavor, and nutrition. This bar is a chocolate paradise inside and out, covered in our signature 100% real dark chocolate. (Of course, what else would be worthy of this bar?)

#3 Best seller at builtbar.com

Get an 18 bar Mixed Box with the flavors you choose!
Already know your favorites? Want to try a new flavor? Looking for a custom mix? It’s never been easier to get what you want! Choose the flavors in your 3 flavor box (6 bars of each flavor).  The choice is yours!

#4 Best seller at builtbar.com

1 Box (18 ct.) Mixed Flavor Variety Box
1 Box (18 ct.) Mixed Flavor Variety Box   The perfect choice for the undecided. A mixed box with 2 of each of Built’s top 9 flavors, excluding limited release flavors.

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