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Tommy John is a NYC-based clothing brand designed for women and men, offering reasonably priced underwear, sleeping garments, socks, sportswear, and everyday wear. The following Tommy John underwear review will cover all aspects of the brand to ensure you make an informed decision to purchase their products.

Overview of Tommy John

Tommy John was created by a husband and wife team named Tom and Erin. They had no prior background in clothing design and ended up cashing out their 401Ks, determined to reinvent typical men’s garments to be more tailored and fashionable for everyday wear. 

With the creation of the brand, they produced premium, comfortable apparel that works with the movement of your body. Most recently, the brand launched its highly anticipated women’s line. Tommy John has risen in popularity since its initial release, with celebrities including comedian Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Hart promoting their products. 

Brand core values when creating clothing:

  • Fabric: Proprietary materials designed for optimal performance.
  • Fit: Adapting to real, moving humans. No rolling, riding up or bunching.
  • Function: Constantly evolving products.

This Tommy John underwear review examines the benefits and downsides to the brand:


  • Extensive underwear and clothing options for men and women
  • Material is very light, breathable and absorbs no moisture
  • They have a guarantee where if you are not happy with the first purchase of Tommy John, it’s free!
  • Have multiple retail locations in the United States


  • Designs are mostly monochromatic and may be considered too plain
  • Limited selection of socks
  • Customer complaints of underwear falling apart after a few washes

Tommy John Underwear For Women

Tommy John underwear review found that the women’s line is luxurious and effortlessly comfortable with Air, Air Invisibles, Second Skin, and Cool Cotton options to choose from. Tommy John underwear for women is offered in six stylish fits:

  1. The Boyshort gives you full coverage, including the hips. It’s ideal for sleeping, lounging and summer dresses. 
  2. The High Rise Brief is great for its added tummy coverage.
  3. The Brief is made to give you full, soft coverage while having a range of support. It’s perfect for sleeping, summer skirts and spin class.  
  4. The Cheeky has a level of coverage between the Brief and the Thong, offering just a peek.
  5. The Thong feels barely there and stays in place, so no need to stress about wedgies.
  6. The Slip Shorts are versatile and can function as full coverage underwear or workout shorts.

Tommy John Underwear For Men

According to a Tommy John underwear review, there are six styles available:

  1. Tommy John Boxer Briefs
  2. Tommy John Boxers
  3. Tommy John Trunks
  4. Tommy John Square Cut
  5. Tommy John Briefs
  6. Tommy John Legging

A Tommy John underwear review revealed fits in different fabrics, each with a unique feel and functionality:

  1. The Tommy John Second Skin line feels as if you are wearing nothing at all, thanks to a 90% silky, non-pilling micromodal fabric and 10% Spandex combination that stretches to support the body. 
  2. The Cool Cotton lineup features an 86% Pima Cotton and 14% Spandex mix, keeping you 2-3x cooler and drying 4-5x faster than regular cotton. 
  3. The 360 Sport line is designed using a blend of Polyester and Spandex, a stretchy combination that prevents riding up and wedgies, even during the most intense workouts. 
  4. The Go Anywhere lineup features the most durable and versatile fabric combination, with a Polyester and Spandex mix providing 4-way stretch for everyday wear. 
  5. The Air Mesh and Air Invisibles product lines are extra light and breathable, designed for everyday wear and travel. They feature Nylon and Elastane combinations, designed specifically to prevent underwear lines. 

Tommy John underwear for men features a comfortable Stay-Put elastic waistband that won’t roll, bunch, chafe, or pinch.

Price range: $25-$40 per pair 

Buying options: single, packs of 3 or 6, and reduced price Mystery Packs 

Available Colors: various shades of grey, black, and dark blue 

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