One of the biggest releases to date dropped over the weekend was the Air Jordan Retro 7 ‘Hare’.  Many anticipated these kicks since the initial rumors last year. This was released only once in retro back in 2008 as part of the 8/15 Countdown Package.  These Hares were inspired by Warner Brothers Looney Tunes character, Bugs Bunny during its original marketing campaign back in 1992.  Popularity grew much more due to the Space Jam movies as well as the recent Bugs Bunny ads for this 2015 release.

I was fortunate enough to purchase a pair and thankfully, my pair came out pristine.  No excess glue, scratches, or smudges, and personally, these are beautiful in person.  Jordan Brand decided to raise the retail price to $190.00 USD which to me, is still too much.  On the other side, we are getting a better overall quality on these releases.  I don’t buy many Jordan’s anymore, but I had to cop these.  The colors contrast well and the materials are on point.

Check out my quick review video above on the Hare 7’s above and let me know what you think about them in the comments below.  Also if you haven’t subscribed already, feel free to do so!

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