Nowadays, some people prefer smartphone for lifestyle to keep the basic. It is also occur on sports activity that some people use smartphone to easy and get some benefits at once. However, it is not merely good for the sport. The solution is you return to the basic system, like sports watches for women that more effective work on hand, keep tracked your workout. You should pick best sport watch for any extreme condition so you cannot bother of it. Several best collection of it can be inspired you which one you should choose by brands that popular nowadays.



Soleus is most wanted sport watches considering the durability and modern technology system that attached on it. This sports watches for women has special excessive like water resist up to 3m and rechargeable battery system. It appropriate for you for last longer without worrying about the battery energy while you do your workout. The modern technology of it comes to measure your speed, burnt calories amount, distance, pace with easier setting up.

Nike Sport Watch

Special feature of Nike sports watches for women is the ability of GPS. In this modern era, we cannot avoid the technology that come to me even we do the other or may opposite activity that not relate with it. The GPS can work fast to find the location in details. It also come with basic feature like burnt calories number, laps number, waterproof and forth. The stylish design of Nike make women desire to have it on their everyday workout besides the modern feature on work out system.


Garmin is one of the best sports watch with smart feature of touchscreen and vibrate alerts for some signal. The touchscreen can last longer because of the modern technology that suit for any weather condition. Garmin sports watches for women also complete with GPS system that can update your location, the stylish look that make you attract, and the affordable price of course that make you consideration. You can reach those expert sport watch in £120.



Timex is maybe the sport watch that can called combination of the modern technology. It is because the Timex sport watch trainer has GPS to detect your current location, the alert reminder you about the hydrate, the logical interface to monitor pace, distance and burnt calories. The sports watches for women is best option if you will concern on running exercise without worrying the battery energy. Pick Timex to know how your work out result attract you using it.

Polar RC3

The Polar RC3 first seen on the Tour de France that concerning about the GPS. It comes with data calories, heart rate and pulse, and the distance. The capability of this sports watches for women is using technology that we cannot reject find on any other one. It is the ability to review the latest activity. You can see the last recorded review that you can compare with your current work out and make you know what you should maximize then.

5 Best Sports Watches for Women
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